About Us

Washington Preparatory School is committed to providing an academically rigorous education to students who will walk out of school prepared for a life of leadership and service to their community. From literacy to music, art and robotics, each day at Washington Preparatory School is filled with activities that are both enriching and fun.

We strive to be committed to the students we are privileged to serve. We also take pride in having the most active and helpful group of partners, visionary parents, talented faculty and staff, and friends.

Mission Statement

Inspire students to achieve content mastery, equip them with the integrity, the skills, and the confidence they need to become tomorrow’s leaders, and to prepare them to thrive at universities and future careers where creativity, perseverance, and critical thinking are keys to success. In doing this, develop enlightened, ethical, and compassionate leaders to better each other and the world.

Our Core Values





Our Philosophy

Service Leadership

The community of students and faculty mentors will challenge and support one another while learning, sharing, exploring, and serving together. Service and leadership opportunities will be driven by the individual passions and interests of students. As they take on the responsibility of leadership for their individual service projects, they will be guided by the philosophy of Servant Leadership.

Entrepreneurial Thinking and STEM

While many schools emphasize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education (STEM) we believe a fifth discipline, entrepreneurship, needs to be added to leverage the value of theoretical STEM skills. Entrepreneurial thinking skills enable our students to connect their STEM knowledge with real-world problems. The fusion of STEM with the entrepreneurial spirit – understanding and applying the innovative process – will allow Washington Preparatory School graduates to become leaders and influencers in business, education, and the social sector. Science – Technology – Entrepreneurship – Engineering – Mathematics (STEEM)

Experiential Learning

Our experiential education program provides our students with learning-based experiences that build knowledge, self-confidence, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. Through activities that extend the academic curriculum beyond the four walls of the classroom, we prepare our students for life beyond our doors.

International and Intercultural Understanding

Our students will cultivate a diverse world-view and appreciation for the world’s peoples and cultures via academic endeavors and personal experiences. Through classrooms, in-home exchange programs, and international travel experiences, students form an international and intercultural understanding that will give them the ability to contribute to our global society.

Academic Excellence

By creating a shared expectation between students and the school to strive for personal growth and academic excellence, we help students become independent thinkers whose curiosity, creativity, and commitment bring life-long success.


Everyday at Washington Preparatory School is like a blessing with our active students and talented staff.
Mindy Watson