WA_Prep - Instructor

WA_Prep - Instructor

Mission statement

Inspire students to achieve content mastery, equip them with the integrity, the skills, and the confidence they need to become tomorrow’s leaders, and to prepare them to thrive at universities and future careers where creativity, perseverance, and critical thinking are…

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Art Club

A place where students can practice the arts and hone their individual skills. From mixed medium to water color and traditional oil painting, high school students can find where their unique talents lie and explore new avenues of enrichment and…

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Poetry Club – Lunch

Students come to share their thoughts, ideas and a few absurdities of life with other writers, observers, or just curious onlookers.  Students learn to express themselves through the many forms of poetry.  Like music, poetry allows us to express truth,…

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Chess Club

The chess club combines educational and social activities. Members come to play, to learn, to teach, and to get together with old friends and make new ones. The players — no matter what their level of skill, experience, or age…

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Programming Club

Allows students to refine the programming skills in order to compete in different programming events. Each student can choose to work individually or as part of a team. They also get to choose what program they would like to create…

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