WPS Summer Camps

Robotics Camp Course Description

Engineering Learning Challenge: Intro to Robotics

Overview of Hardware

Engineering Application: Build the EV3 Chassis

Project: EV3 Tribot

Overview of Software

Project: Controlling the Robot

Intro Coding Block: Steering - Forward and Back: Point, Pivot, and Curve Turns

Project: Autonomous Car Control

Engineering Learning Challenge: Intro to Sensors - Ultrasonic, Touch, Color and Gyro

Intro Coding Block: Wait for Input

Project: Stop at Object

Intro Coding Blocks: Loop, Switch, Interrupt

Project: Line Following Challenge, "Tag U R It"

Engineering Learning Challenge: Robot Manipulators

Project: Emergency Rescue Robto

Intro Coding Block: Suboutines - My Blocks

Intro Coding Block: Multitasking

Engineering Learning Challenge: Center of Mass, Tolerance, Stability, Keep it Simple, Build-Test

Project: Life Transport

Introduce Competitive Challenge

Intro Coding Blocks: Case Structures

Engineering Application: Strategic Design

Project: Prototype Robot

Review: Sensors, Multitasking, Loops, Switches

Advanced Coding Block: MyBlock with Variables

Project: Build - Test - Build - Test

FINAL CHALLENGE: Practice Rounds

FINAL CHALLENGE: Qualifying Rounds



Music & Audio Engineering Camp Description

  • Learn the basics of making an album using Apple Logic X.
  • Compose, rehearse & arrange songs.
  • Learn audio engineering fundamentals.
  • Mix and edit your music using Logic Pro Software.
  • Upload the finished album to SoundCloud or iTunes to share with the word!

Animation Camp Course Description

This course will cover how to use the 3D software, AutoDesk Maya at a basic level for animation.


Students will learn to:

  • Navigate through the interface.
  • Understanding common workflow for animation.
  • Use the interface to create simple animations.


After taking this course the students will:

  • Have the necessary skills to explore AutoDesk Maya.
  • Be able to create their own simple 3D animation.

Game Design Camp Course Description

Overview Game Design and production

Intro to Unity UI

Create 3D exterior environment by using given assets either by the instructor or Unity store

Overview 3D modeling techniques and get to know industrial standard 3D application Maya

Basic physical Materials in Unity Physics Objects - mesh & box colliders, rigidbody

Prefeb system

Basic script

Scripting - Event


Audio triggering

Animating in Unity engine

Importing animations

Animation for game

Lighting and Light map

Special effects for game

Third person camera


Player Movement (first person camera)

Polish and Debug

Build and publish the game