WPS Winter Hi-Tech Camps

Course Descriptions

Robotics Camp Course Description

Engineering Learning Challenge: Intro to Robotics

Overview of Hardware

Engineering Application: Build the EV3 Chassis

Project: EV3 Tribot

Overview of Software

Project: Controlling the Robot

Intro Coding Block: Steering - Forward and Back: Point, Pivot, and Curve Turns

Project: Autonomous Car Control

Engineering Learning Challenge: Intro to Sensors - Ultrasonic, Touch, Color and Gyro

Intro Coding Block: Wait for Input

Project: Stop at Object

Intro Coding Blocks: Loop, Switch, Interrupt

Project: Line Following Challenge, "Tag U R It"

Engineering Learning Challenge: Robot Manipulators

Project: Emergency Rescue Robto

Intro Coding Block: Suboutines - My Blocks

Intro Coding Block: Multitasking

Engineering Learning Challenge: Center of Mass, Tolerance, Stability, Keep it Simple, Build-Test

Project: Life Transport

Introduce Competitive Challenge

Intro Coding Blocks: Case Structures

Engineering Application: Strategic Design

Project: Prototype Robot

Review: Sensors, Multitasking, Loops, Switches

Advanced Coding Block: MyBlock with Variables

Project: Build - Test - Build - Test

FINAL CHALLENGE: Practice Rounds

FINAL CHALLENGE: Qualifying Rounds


Animation Camp Course Description

This course will cover how to use the 3D software, AutoDesk Maya at a basic level for animation.


Students will learn to:

  • Navigate through the interface.
  • Understanding common workflow for animation.
  • Use the interface to create simple animations.


After taking this course the students will:

  • Have the necessary skills to explore AutoDesk Maya.
  • Be able to create their own simple 3D animation.