Summer Learning Camp 23 v.2

Tipping Point Robotics: Conquer the Challenge!

Join our Tipping Point Robotics and embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of competitive robotics! Dive deep into the Tipping Point game, where you’ll strategize, design, and build a powerful robot capable of scoring points and outperforming your opponents.

With expert guidance from experienced instructors, you’ll explore the intricacies of robot construction, programming, and teamwork. Gain hands-on experience with VEX robotics kits and learn cutting-edge techniques to optimize your robot’s performance on the field.

Engage in thrilling competitions, refine your problem-solving skills, and experience the thrill of victory as you overcome challenges and achieve success in the Tipping Point game. Collaborate with fellow campers, form alliances, and unleash your creativity to create a winning strategy.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Join us for the Tipping Point Robotics Camp and unlock your potential as a skilled roboticist. Embrace the excitement, camaraderie, and adrenaline rush of competitive robotics as you strive for excellence in this immersive and unforgettable camp experience.

Lensless Wonders: Discover the Art of Camera-less Nature Photography!

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of camera-less photography with our Lensless Wonders program. In this class, students will explore the fascinating realm of creating photographic images without the use of a traditional camera. It’s a unique opportunity to combine art, science, and nature in a truly immersive experience.

Using photo developing processes, students will learn how to capture the beauty of nature through alternative techniques. This program offers a glimpse into the artistry of creating images with light, chemicals, and natural elements, allowing students to unleash their creativity and connect with the world around them in a unique way.

Our experienced instructors will guide students through hands-on activities, teaching them the technical aspects of camera-less photography. They will learn how to harness light, shadows, and natural objects to create stunning compositions. The class provides a safe and environmentally friendly approach to traditional darkroom techniques, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

Through this program, students will develop a deeper appreciation for the intersection of art, science, and nature. They’ll have the opportunity to capture captivating images that reflect their personal perspective and artistic expression. The results of their creative endeavors will amaze and inspire both themselves and others.

No prior photography experience is necessary, making this class accessible to all. Join us in the enchanting world of Lensless Wonders, where you’ll unlock the secrets of camera-less photography, discover the magic of light and nature, and create unique works of art that truly showcase your creative vision.

Sonic Inventors: Craft Analog & Digital Instruments in a World of Sound!

Step into the realm of sonic innovation with our Sonic Inventors program, where you’ll embark on a hands-on and virtual journey to create your very own analog and digital instruments. This class is a gateway to the fascinating world of basic engineering, electronics, and audio synthesis concepts.

Through a combination of hands-on experimentation and virtual environments, students will have the opportunity to explore the art of instrument making. They’ll learn how to design and build both analog and digital instruments, discovering the principles of sound synthesis, circuitry, and creative engineering.

Our experienced instructors will guide students in the exploration of various tools, techniques, and materials needed to bring their instruments to life. From crafting analog instruments using physical components to exploring digital instruments through software and coding, students will gain a deeper understanding of the connection between technology and music.

As the camp draws to a close, students will have the chance to showcase their sonic creations in an informal jam session and concert. This collaborative experience will allow them to blend their unique instruments together, creating a mesmerizing fusion of sounds and melodies.

No prior experience is necessary, as beginners are warmly welcomed. Join us for an inspiring journey into the world of instrument making, where you’ll unlock your inner sonic inventor and create a symphony of analog and digital delights. Get ready to explore, create, and let your imagination soar in this captivating adventure of sound!

Sports Mania: Ignite Your Passion for Fitness and Fun!

Our program offers an exciting lineup of engaging activities designed to promote students’ wellness, skill development, and coordination. From dynamic games of badminton, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball to a wide range of sports adventures, our campers will experience a thrilling summer of active fun.

Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, students will have the opportunity to test their endurance, enhance their cardiovascular health, and build teamwork skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Through friendly competition with their peers, they’ll learn the values of sportsmanship, perseverance, and collaboration.

Our sports classes are tailored to cater to various skill levels, ensuring that everyone feels challenged and motivated to reach their full potential. Whether they’re beginners or seasoned athletes, our program fosters growth and improvement, helping each camper advance in their chosen sports and discover their true athletic abilities.

Join us for a summer of sports excitement, where you’ll unlock new levels of fitness, make lasting friendships, and create unforgettable memories on the field. The ultimate destination for students who are passionate about sports, wellness, and the thrill of friendly competition!

Robotics Revolution: Build, Code, and Conquer!

Join us for a week of robotic adventures in our Robotics Revolution program. Using the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Experiment Guide as your roadmap, you’ll delve into the fascinating realm of robotics. Each day, you’ll build and program different robotic systems, learning the essentials of motor control, sensors, and autonomous navigation. Get ready to unleash your creativity, problem-solving skills, and conquer the exciting challenges that lie ahead!

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8:30 - 9:00
Door open's
9:00 - 11:45
Morning elective
Art & Photography, Music & Coding, Robotics & Engineering, SAT Preparation
11:45 - 12:45
Delicious Food for all
12:45 - 3:15
Afternoon elective
Sports & Fitness, Robotics & Engineering, SAT Preparation
3:30 - 4:00


Jul 17 - 21 2023


8:30 am - 4:00 pm




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