Summer Learning Camp 23 v.1

VEXcode VR: Dive into the Coral Reef Cleanup Mission!

Immerse yourself in an exciting virtual adventure with VEXcode VR: Coral Reef Cleanup! Join us for a week of interactive programming challenges inspired by the VEXcode VR Coral Reef Cleanup flyer. Using the power of code, you’ll dive deep into the digital ocean and embark on a mission to save the coral reef.

Throughout the week, you’ll explore the fundamentals of programming as you navigate underwater environments, control robots, and solve puzzles. Learn to code using block-based programming and unleash your problem-solving skills to clean up the coral reef and restore its vibrant ecosystem.

Using the VEXcode VR platform, you’ll gain hands-on experience in programming concepts such as sequencing, loops, conditions, and more. Collaborate with fellow campers as you tackle increasingly complex challenges, refining your coding abilities and unlocking new levels of success.

Are you ready to become a virtual marine scientist and make a positive impact on the coral reef? Join us for a thrilling week of programming and environmental exploration in VEXcode VR: Coral Reef Cleanup!

Digital Canvas: Unleash Your Creativity with Wacom Tablet Art

Discover the endless possibilities of digital art with our “Digital Canvas” camp elective! In this introductory course, young artists will dive into the world of Wacom tablets, unlocking their artistic potential in creating stunning digital artwork. Throughout the week, students will learn essential skills such as basic sketching, digital painting, photo editing, and layering using user-friendly and affordable tools and programs.

Our experienced instructors will guide participants through hands-on activities, providing step-by-step instructions to master the Wacom tablet’s features and functionalities. With the ability to create artwork in a range of styles, young artists will explore their creativity and develop their own unique artistic voice.

At the end of the week, students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a mini exhibition. They’ll choose their favorite pieces from the week’s creations, and we’ll professionally print and display them, turning their artwork into a tangible masterpiece. Friends and family will be invited to admire their artistic achievements, celebrating the creativity and growth achieved during the camp.

Join us for an immersive journey into the world of digital art, where young artists will bring their imagination to life on the digital canvas with the remarkable Wacom tablet!

Python Soundscapes: Create Captivating Music with Coding!

Immerse yourself in the world of music production with Python Soundscapes, where you’ll unlock the power of coding to make cool and captivating music. This program is designed to ignite your creativity and explore the intersection of technology and music through the Python programming language.

Using cutting-edge university-developed platforms such as Tune Pad, EarSketch, Turtle, and Processing, students will embark on a musical journey, discovering how Python can be used to compose, arrange, and manipulate sounds. By leveraging the versatility of Python, students will have the opportunity to experiment with various musical styles, tones, and effects, giving them the freedom to create their unique soundscapes.

Our experienced instructors will guide students through hands-on activities, teaching them the fundamentals of Python and how it can be applied to music production. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some coding experience, this program is tailored to accommodate students of all skill levels, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

At the culmination of the program, students will have the chance to showcase their musical creations in a student concert. This provides a platform for them to share their unique compositions and celebrate their creative achievements with friends, family, and fellow music enthusiasts.

Join us for an extraordinary adventure into the realm of music production with Python Soundscapes. Unleash your creativity, experiment with sound, and let coding be the catalyst for your musical expression. Beginners are warmly welcomed, so don’t miss this exciting opportunity to explore the world of music through the lens of Python coding!

Sports Mania: Ignite Your Passion for Fitness and Fun!

Our program offers an exciting lineup of engaging activities designed to promote students’ wellness, skill development, and coordination. From dynamic games of badminton, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball to a wide range of sports adventures, our campers will experience a thrilling summer of active fun.

Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, students will have the opportunity to test their endurance, enhance their cardiovascular health, and build teamwork skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Through friendly competition with their peers, they’ll learn the values of sportsmanship, perseverance, and collaboration.

Our sports classes are tailored to cater to various skill levels, ensuring that everyone feels challenged and motivated to reach their full potential. Whether they’re beginners or seasoned athletes, our program fosters growth and improvement, helping each camper advance in their chosen sports and discover their true athletic abilities.

Join us for a summer of sports excitement, where you’ll unlock new levels of fitness, make lasting friendships, and create unforgettable memories on the field. The ultimate destination for students who are passionate about sports, wellness, and the thrill of friendly competition!

Electronics Exploration: Unleash Your Inner Inventor!

Dive into the world of electronics with our week-long Electronics Exploration program. Each day, you’ll embark on exciting projects inspired by the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Experiment Guide. From building circuits and mastering basic components to understanding sensors and creating interactive systems, this week will be a hands-on journey of discovery. Learn how to bring your ideas to life through electronics and unleash your inner inventor!

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8:30 - 9:00
Door open's
9:00 - 11:45
Morning elective
Art & Photography, Music & Coding, Robotics & Engineering, SAT Preparation
11:45 - 12:45
Delicious Food for all
12:45 - 3:15
Afternoon elective
Sports & Fitness, Robotics & Engineering, SAT Preparation
3:30 - 4:00


Jul 10 - 14 2023


8:30 am - 4:00 pm




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