About the Founders of Washington Preparatory School

Stacy Zhong and Lulu Bath, founders of Washington Preparatory School, are owners of the largest group of Asian food chain stores in northwest America. Beginning operations in 2007 and growing every year thereafter, they currently employ over 300 individuals in both Oregon and Washington. During the past 20 years they have also successfully developed business and residential properties in the Seattle Metropolitan area.

In looking for ways to give back to the community, as well as find suitable schools for their own and their neighbor’s children, they were surprised to discover that independent school options are under-represented as schooling choices in Snohomish County.

King County’s school aged population has grown only 5.9% in the past ten years, yet it is home to 132 grade 6-12 private schools. Snohomish County has seen a 32.9% increase in school aged population during the same time period, yet has only 1/5 the number of independent schools as does King County: a mere 25.

Thinking about addressing this need has inspired this school project. As their ideas and dreams took shape, they found a 13.8 acre parcel in Bothell that would serve as a campus, and then commissioned architects to design a new three story school building, complete with several modern science labs, orchestra room, instrument storage, library, gym, classrooms and dormitories–the boarding option will become available for select students during the second year of operation.

Construction starts on this campus at the end of September. The school’s first year students will begin classes across the street at a comfortable, school-outfitted office park. When construction is completed, teachers and students together will migrate over to a sparkling new campus.

In the words of the founders: “We believe that establishing a high performing school is one of the most significant ways we can contribute to our great country and to our communities, both of which have played a very important role in our business growth and success over the past 15 years.”

Both cite this as one of their core values: “Our students will leave Washington Preparatory School with lasting friendships, with the confidence they need to meet challenges, and with a clear vision of the ways they can make contributions to their communities and to the world.”

It is in this spirit that both founders welcome you to Washington Preparatory School.

Groundbreaking Ceremony


Founders Stacy Zhong and Lulu Bath celebrate the ground breaking of the new Washington Preparatory School on April 18, 2018


Students help with the ground breaking ceremonies on April 19, 2018