Dear Community,

It is with great enthusiasm that I have accepted the position of Founding Head of Washington Preparatory School. The vision for creating a vibrant campus to include local and international students as well as the exciting educational model developed by founders Stacy, Lulu, and the advisory board is indeed unique to the Northwest.

It took only mere moments for me to become intellectually and emotionally captured by the guiding principles of WaPrep. These principles, our five pillars, will provide the opportunity for students to effectively engage in the rapidly changing world in which we live. Academic excellence, international and intercultural involvement, experiential learning opportunities, entrepreneurial thinking and STEEM (science, technology, entrepreneurship, engineering, and math), and service and leadership create a relevant and healthy recipe for successful preparation for college and life.

Students will learn to think independently, be highly engaged as active participants in their learning, and they will develop the ability to engage with a diverse group of people in an increasingly globalized and fast changing world.

Washington State has been my home for the last thirty years. I have had the pleasure of serving in two highly respected independent schools: Charles Wright Academy for nine years and the last twenty years at Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences. I have functioned as teacher, coach, outdoor and international trip leader, dean of students, head of upper school, and dean of faculty for STEM program areas. In each of these roles, I was responsible for providing opportunities for each student to grow academically and personally.

My passion for learning and teaching, as well as my commitment to STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship are aligned with the mission and vision of a WaPrep education.

I personally invite you to become a part of Washington Preparatory School. It is a school that will inspire students to be prepared for future careers and to embrace life to its fullest to which creativity, perseverance, and critical thinking are the keys to success.

Mindy J Watson

Head of School


Mindy J. Watson will become Head of School on July 1, 2018.  Mindy is currently the Dean of Faculty for STEM at the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences (SAAS).  She has a BS in Applied Math and a teaching certificate from San Diego State University.  She will be awarded an MBA with an emphasis in Finance from Syracuse University in 2019.

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