International Student

International Student 2023-2024:

Tuition: $29,500
Boarding: $26,000
After School Program: $6,500
Academic Fees: $750


International Student 2022-2023:

Tuition: $27,000
Boarding: $27,000
After School Program: $6,000
Academic Materials Fee: $750


Application Fees:




Full Time: $1,500 (pick up & drop off each school day)



Washington Preparatory School's campus has wireless Internet access for educational purpose, and students will use school technology devices.  Students will use laptop computers in each class.  When families enroll they will receive more details on the use of technology.


Additional Costs:

Lunch Service Option: $9.5 per day on average.

School Supplies (Once enrolled families will receive a supply list)

Activity Fees: $750 (for example: field trips)

Year Book: $35



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at