Washington Preparatory School

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Bothell, United States

Company Description:

  • Washington Preparatory School is a prestigious educational institution dedicated to providing a comprehensive and academically rigorous education to students. Our mission is to inspire students to achieve content mastery while equipping them with the integrity, skills, and confidence needed to become future leaders. We strive to prepare our students for success in universities and future careers, where creativity, perseverance, and critical thinking are essential.
  • At Washington Preparatory School, we foster a culture of respect, integrity, and citizenship. Our dedicated faculty and staff work collaboratively to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment. We believe in the power of service leadership, where students and mentors challenge and support each other through shared learning, exploration, and meaningful community service projects.
  • We are committed to developing well-rounded individuals who excel not only academically but also in entrepreneurship and STEM fields. Our unique approach includes incorporating entrepreneurial thinking into our STEM education, enabling students to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world problems. Through our STEEM curriculum, we empower our students to become future leaders and influencers in business, education, and the social sector.
  • As advocates for experiential learning, we go beyond traditional classroom instruction. Our students engage in hands-on activities and experiences that build knowledge, self-confidence, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. Through our international and intercultural understanding initiatives, students develop a diverse worldview and appreciation for different cultures, preparing them to contribute meaningfully to our global society.

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