Learning Camp Summer 2023

All Camps run from 9:00am to 3:30pm. Upon selecting the week of your choice in the registration from you will be able to select your elective for the morning and the afternoon. You can customize your summer camp base on your child interest. See you at camp!

Creative Coding with Python

Learn computer science while making cool music, art, and games. Students will use several university-developed platforms to learn Python and foster their creativity. Tune Pad, EarSketch, and Processing are among the formats we will explore. Class will conclude with a fun student concert or art and game showing. Beginners welcome!

Instrument Making: Creating Analog & Digital Instruments

Explore hands-on and virtual environments creating analog and digital instruments. This class is a wonderful introduction to basic concepts of engineering, electronics, and audio synthesis. Students will conclude the camp by playing their instruments in an informal jam session/concert. Beginners welcome!

Music Composition & Production

Have fun learning how to create, record, mix, and release your own music. This class introduces music theory, keyboard, songwriting, and digital music basics using a DAW (digital audio workstation). Final compositions will be uploaded to the internet using SoundCloud.

Robotics & Engineering

Learning Targets:

  • Build and test a robot collaboratively.
  • Create a VEXcode EXP project to code the Clawbot to successfully grasp and score rings.
  • Customize driver controls to be a more effective driver in the Ring Leader Competition.
  • Test and iterate on coding and driver control strategies to score more rings in activities and the Ring Leader Competition.

Skill Level:

  • Level 2- Students have some experience with coding.
  • Students who are curious about building, driving robots remotely, and coding robots to complete tasks.

5-Day Camp Overview:

  • Build a VEX EXP Clawbot.
  • Explore the difference between driver control and coded movements to collect and score rings in a variety of activities and challenges.
  • Modify the claw on the Clawbot to optimize its ability to collect the ball and score.
  • Collaborate to create a winning game strategy for the driver control and coded movement runs in the Ring Leader Competition.
Drawing with Wacom

In this introductory course students will learn to use a Wacom tablet to create digital artwork in a range of styles. Basic sketching, digital painting, photo editing and layering will be covered with tools and programs that are accessible and affordable for young artists. At the end of the week students will choose their favorite artworks to be printed and host their own mini exhibition.  

Nature Photography

Welcome to the world of camera-less photography where students will use photo developing processes to make photographic images without the use of a traditional camera! This class combines art with science and nature and is a unique opportunity for students to get some traditional darkroom style technical experience without the harsh chemicals. 

Sports & Fitness

Sports classes at WA prep Summer camp are filled with engaging activities that promote students’ wellness, skill, and coordination. Activities range from badminton, tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and more. Students will be able to test their endurance and improve their cardiovascular health while competing with their peers in a friendly environment