Our Students

Our students are special!

Our students come to Washington Preparatory School from all backgrounds, all walks of life.

Our students seek a supportive and challenging experience where daily success leads to outstanding academic accomplishment.

Our students thrive when they have important things to do, when they understand what they are doing, and where they acquire the confidence to take risks as they approach academic challenges.

Our students wish to learn about both the human and natural world. They seek a global perspective, and they maximize their opportunities by achieving the highest proficiency in all of their endeavors.

Our students seek an active social and extracurricular life whether in sports, the arts, clubs, student government or social activities.

Our students seek a quality education that gives them the knowledge and skills to make lasting contributions to their communities and to the larger world.

Our students wish to be valued, included and respected, and they wish to interact with others in the same spirit.