Our Teachers

Our teachers are special!

Our teaching staff of highly qualified instructors recognize that teaching is both a science and an art.

Our teachers begin by identifying outcomes and proficiencies that are desired by the end of the course — then deliberately design activities that lead there.

Our teachers are committed to educating the whole student, and to guiding each student to high levels of accomplishment.

Our teachers value the search for answers almost as much as they value the right answer. It is through this search and the learning that accompanies it that students can reach their highest potentials.

Our teachers know that frequently checking for student understanding keeps the level of personal responsibility and participation high.

Our teachers conduct lessons and activities where the percentage of student/teacher talk is balanced, not lopsided.

Our teachers know there is a difference between the “forest” and the “trees.” They understand that students need detailed and accurate information so they can more accurately see the “Big Picture.”

Our teachers believe that learning should be a coherent sequence — a chain of ideas, a chain of practices, a chain of Essential Questions.

As professionals, our teachers are open to growth and on-going collegial discussion for improvement.

Our teachers believe that teaching students how to approach learning challenges is important for success.

Our teachers recognize the power of school-wide standards and consistent expectations: from class to class and from teacher to teacher.

And equally important: Our teachers understand that their personal commitment to individual student success should be self-evident and obvious in all interactions they have with their students.