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English Program

At the Washington Preparatory School English Program, we strive to nurture and inspire our students to become passionate about language and literature through reading, writing and speaking in English language and to develop the necessary skills needed in those areas, as well as in analyzing, interpreting and evaluating literary and non-literary texts in English.

The Washington Preparatory School English Program aims to develop skills of textual analysis and encourages students to question the meaning generated by language and texts. Its objective is to enable our student to use English language to its maximum capacity correctly and confidently for learning, creativity, self-expression and social interaction.

In our Washington Preparatory School’s student-centered, inquiry-based classrooms, our teachers support and motivate our students to take responsibility in their own actions and learning, to become more open-minded about life and the world around them through language and literature and to become life-long learners that live a well-balanced life.


Language is life

Language is the earth foundation to all learning and communication. Communication is essential to our survival and success in life and English language is a widely used universal tool of thought and communication. It is a coded system that we developed to achieve the essential purposes in life: To reach out and connect with one another, to express ourselves clearly and creatively, to ask for help when needed and to express our love when we must. In other words, to have and use language effectively is to live life fully.


Grade 6-8th

Our Units are approximately six weeks long. Each unit is based on a literary text such as a poem or a fictional novel that tells a story. We will also study a variety of non-literary texts such as political cartoons, blogs, advertisements or opinion columns. We will explore a wide range of literary and informational texts and works of literature across, genres, cultures and historical periods. As we progress through the unit, students are expected to produce works that reflect their deeper understanding and mastery of language and its mechanics. Grammar, syntax, vocabulary development and essay writing techniques will be encouraged.

An example of a Unit Assessment: Based on your reading of Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai, write two researched-based poems that reflect the aspect of refugee experience in the book and present it to class. Note: You may use the prose writing style in the story or choose your own style of writing.


Grade 9th-10th

The Units are approximately six weeks long. Students at this grade levels are expected to develop analytical skills and engage in increasing range and sophistication of literary and informational texts and works of literature. Students will interpret a range of texts and their meanings and implications, elements of literary, stylistic and rhetorical. Students will communicate their ideas in clear, logical and persuasive ways in a range of styles, registers and for a variety of purposes and situations.

An example of a Unit Assessment: Write a two-page compare and contrast essay on the concept of “monsters in our society” based on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (1797–1851) and the movie Monster (2003) film directed by Patty Jenkins.


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