After-School program Fee


Introducing our dynamic After-School program, an engaging and enriching opportunity for students at Washington Preparatory School to extend their learning beyond regular school hours. Our after-school program offers a diverse range of activities and experiences designed to foster creativity, personal growth, and skill development in a fun and supportive environment.


  1. Enriching Activities: Our after-school program provides a wide variety of enriching activities that cater to students’ interests and passions. From arts and crafts to sports, music, coding, and more, students have the opportunity to explore new hobbies and develop their talents.
  2. Academic Support: We offer dedicated academic support in our after-school program to help students reinforce their learning and excel academically. Experienced tutors and teachers provide guidance, homework assistance, and additional practice to reinforce key concepts covered in the classroom.
  3. Skill Development: Our program focuses on developing essential skills that go beyond traditional academics. Students can enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills through interactive and hands-on activities.
  4. Physical Fitness: We prioritize the health and well-being of our students. Our after-school program includes physical fitness activities such as sports, yoga, dance, and other recreational exercises to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
  5. Creative Expression: Students are encouraged to unleash their creativity through various artistic endeavors. Our program offers opportunities for artistic expression, including visual arts, performing arts, music, and drama, allowing students to explore their talents and develop their creative potential.
  6. Technology and STEM: We integrate technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities into our after-school program. Students can engage in robotics, coding, science experiments, and other hands-on projects that foster their interest in STEM fields.
  7. Cultural and Global Awareness: We promote cultural and global awareness by organizing activities that expose students to different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Through multicultural celebrations, language classes, and international awareness projects, students develop a broader worldview and appreciation for diversity.
  8. Socialization and Friendship: Our after-school program creates a social and supportive environment where students can build lasting friendships and interact with peers outside the regular classroom setting. Collaborative activities and team-building exercises foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
  9. Flexibility and Convenience: We understand the needs of busy families. Our after-school program offers flexible scheduling options, allowing parents to choose the days and times that best fit their schedule. This convenience ensures that students can participate and benefit from the program without conflicts.
  10. Parent Involvement: We believe in fostering a strong partnership between parents and the school. Regular communication channels are established to keep parents informed about their child’s participation, progress, and upcoming activities in the after-school program.

Choose our After-School program to provide your child with a well-rounded education that extends beyond the traditional school day. With our focus on enrichment, skill development, and fostering a love for learning, we create a supportive and stimulating environment where students can thrive.