Summer Learning Camp 23 v.3

Castle Crasher Adventure: Conquer the Kingdom! Prepare for an epic adventure at our Castle Crasher Adventure! Join forces with fellow knights as you embark on a thrilling quest to conquer the kingdom and defend it from mythical creatures and formidable challenges. In this action-packed camp, you’ll learn the art of robotics and engineering as you […]

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Summer Learning Camp 23 v.4

Robot Soccer: Kick into Action! Gear up for an action-packed adventure at our Robot Soccer! Immerse yourself in the world of robotics and soccer as you combine your love for technology and sports. Get ready to design, build, and program your very own soccer-playing robot! Under the guidance of expert coaches, you’ll learn the fundamentals

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Summer Learning Camp 23 v.2

Tipping Point Robotics: Conquer the Challenge! Join our Tipping Point Robotics and embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of competitive robotics! Dive deep into the Tipping Point game, where you’ll strategize, design, and build a powerful robot capable of scoring points and outperforming your opponents. With expert guidance from experienced instructors, you’ll explore

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Summer Learning Camp 23 v.1

VEXcode VR: Dive into the Coral Reef Cleanup Mission! Immerse yourself in an exciting virtual adventure with VEXcode VR: Coral Reef Cleanup! Join us for a week of interactive programming challenges inspired by the VEXcode VR Coral Reef Cleanup flyer. Using the power of code, you’ll dive deep into the digital ocean and embark on

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